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Kim Forsman

coach, confidant & contractor

I help entrepreneurs balance risks and rewards with over 20 years of experience in international Founder-CxO roles and over 10 years of experience in litigation.Innately wired for freedom, creativity and privacy the blend of business, technology and legal expertise I can bring on is unique. My speciality is knowing which eggs to break when making an omelette. If it's about to, or already got messy in the kitchen, I'm available to assist with containment and cleanup.

clarity and composure through


Awareness, impact and purpose are my top priorities when instilling mental resilience with clients. I can help you lead with clarity & composure and overcome unconscious biases – even when faced with the direst of situations.My services are available in English, Swedish and Finnish.

trust & integrity


I advise on matters relating to asset protection, privacy & cybersecurity, special situations and complex transactions.My extensive international background in technology, corporate structuring, financial engineering and tax matters allows breadth and depth in optimising outcomes while keeping risk levels and costs acceptable.

Global contracting

get it done

I'm available to select new clients on a case-by-case basis. My Ethical Exclusions List and Code of Conduct are available on request.I engage, assist and cooperate only with private clients & businesses. My uncompromisable style is to vehemently pursue and relentlessly defend clients' interests until the job is done.

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In the absence of a warm introduction, you can send a message below. The best way of reaching me is through a reputable connection we share on LinkedIn.